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Next seminar in the Manitoba Neuroscience Network Seminar & Visiting Speaker Series:
Mar. 20, 2019, Noon: MNN Visiting Speaker Dr. A. Fournier


News and Recent Events

We have a video recording of Dr. Perry's visiting speaker lecture, held on Monday Feb 4th, 2019. Here is the link for those interested: Mitochondria At The Center Of Alzheimer's Disease.


Neuroscience 2018
Nov. 3-7, 2018, San Diego, CA

10 presentations from Winnipeg
at Neuroscience 2018


2018 Nick Shepel Student Travel Award Recipient: Crystal Acosta


Study finds brain tumour cells are killed by targeting marker
U of M research has found a marker on a common brain tumour is linked to drug responsiveness


Manitoba Neuroscience Network
8th Scientific Meeting, June 15, 2018

Photos and info. from 2018 Meeting
on The Manitoba Neuroscience Network's Twitter feed


Brain Awareness Week, Get Connected


2017 MNN Nancy Hettie Clark Travel Award Recipients

MNN awarded 2017 CAN Advocacy and Outreach prize

Jean-Eric Ghia's new feature on Ici Radio Canada TV:
"Qu'est-ce qu'on cherche?"


Manitoba Neuroscience Network launches Speaker Bureau