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2012 Manitoba Neuroscience Network Poster Competition Award Winners

MNN 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting | June 4, 2012

Manitoba Neuroscience Network
3rd Annual Scientific Meeting
June 4, 2012

The Manitoba Neuroscience Network thanks all participants for making the 2012 Manitoba Neuroscience Network meeting another success. A poster competition was held. All submitted abstracts were ranked by a panel of 4 principal investigators. The top 6 in each of the student and postdoc categories were chosen for in-person judging in poster form at the meeting. We are pleased to announce that the winners are as follows:

Student Category Winner: Edna Esteli Vasquez-Dominguez, Spinal Cord Research Centre
"Acetylcholine induces a hyperpolarization of voltage threshold in neonatal rat spinal motoneurons."
Student Category Runner-Up: Amrit Boese, Public Health Agency of Canada
"Examining microRNAs in NMDA related excitotoxicity in prion induced neurodegeneration"

Postdoctoral Fellow Category Winner: Dr. Amit Kamboj, St. Boniface Hospital Research
"Bnip3 up-regulation and mitochondrial dysfunction in PARP-1 induced neurotoxicity"
Postdoctoral Fellow Category Runner-Up: Dr. Ali Saleh, St. Boniface Hospital Research
"Evidence of a neuroprotective role of nuclear factor-κB in oxidative stress induced by rabies virus in adult rat dorsal root ganglion neurons."

Thanks to all judges and participants.

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