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Welcome & Opening Remarks
Dr. Chris Anderson
Winnipeg Chapter Society for Neuroscience President
Dr. Mojgan Rastegar
Epigenetics in human disease: Translating basic science in Rett Syndrome therapy strategies
Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie
The impact of co-morbidity on Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Debbie Kelly
A comparative approach to spatial cognition
Dr. Brian Schmidt
One giant step for a rat
- a nanostep for mankind?
  Dr. Stephanie Booth
Transcriptional profiling of microRNAs and messenger RNAs reveals neuron-specific regulatory circuits involved in Prion-induced neuro-degeneration
Dr. Alan Jackson
Insights into the pathogenesis of rabies
Dr. Jiming Kong
Therapeutic strategies to prevent neurons from cell death by targeting the BNIP3 pathway
Dr. Michael West
Opportunities for collaborative research in neurosurgery
Dr. Soheila Karimi
Neural stem cells for functional repair of spinal
cord injury: challenges and opportunities

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