Winnipeg Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience

  Brain Awareness Week April 6-7, 2006

We gratefully acknowledge the support of these sponsors and participating organinizations:

Alzheimers Society of Manitoba
Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Manitoba Epilepsy Association, Inc
Huntington Society of Canada
Manitoba Brain Injury Association
Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, Inc.
Mental Health Education Resource Centre
(Div. of the Canadian Mental Health Association)
Mood Disorders Association Manitoba
Parkinson Society Manitoba

Thursday, April 6
Public Lecture

Invited speaker Dr. Carl Cotman gave a public lecture entitled: "Strategies for delaying cognitive decline with age and Alzheimer's disease."
The lecture was very well attended, and followed by a reception.

Dr. Carl Cotman, Guest Lecturer (left) and
Dr. Paul Fernyhough, WCSN President.
Friday April 7, 2006
Research Seminar, poster presentations and exhibits
Dr. Cotman gave a research lecture entitled: "Mechanisms underlying early neuronal dysfunction during brain aging: Amyloid and pro-inflammatory cytokines suppress BDNF signal transduction."
Poster presentation and exhibits, April 7, 2006.

Poster presenter gift certificate winners,
Duane Button and Cassandra Adduri.
WCSN President Dr. Fernyhough in middle.
Membership table. Sharon McCartney (left) and Kelly Jorundson Dr. Paul Fernyhough, WCSN President (left),
Dr. Carl Cotman, Guest Lecturer, and Dr. Phillip Gardiner, Professor and Director of HLHP Research Instutute and host of Brain Awareness Week.

Participating Organizations
Manitoba Epilepsy Association, Phyllis Thompson Manitoba Brain Injury Association, Cara Hill.
Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba, Dave Schultz Centre on Aging University of Manitoba, Dawn Dowhayko
Manitoba Schitzophrenia Society, Jane Burpee Huntington Society of Manitoba, Sandra Funk
Alzheimers Society of Manitoba
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Mental Health Education Resource Centre
(Div. of the Canadian Mental Health Association)
Parkinson Society Manitoba

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Posted April 26, 2006.