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March 16-22

Scientific Lecture with Dr. Matthew Farrer

Dr. Farrer's noon-hour Scientific Lecture, entitled "Parkinson Disease: Mapping a path for molecular neuroscience".

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Public Lecture with Dr. Matthew Farrer

Dr. Farrer's evening public lecture, entitled "Neurogenetics and neurodegeneration", co-sponsored with the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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Winnipeg Brain Bee 2015

Manitoba high school students competed in an exciting, grass-roots neuroscience outreach event. Students attended talks and demonstrations hosted by Dr. Sari Hannila, Dr. Melanie Martin, Dr. Barb Shay, Dr. Sabine Hombach-Klonisch, Dr. Katinka Stecina, Dr. Sarah Chen (Stecina Lab), Crystal Acosta (Anderson Lab), and Scott Dyck (Karimi Lab).

Brain Awareness Week is an international Society for Neuroscience event, and is coordinated locally by the Winnipeg Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.