Wednesday, March 11
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Total # Posters:  34                        University of Manitoba, Brodie Centre, Bannatyne Campus

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Poster# Author(s) Title
11 Hugo T. Bergen
Phone: 789-3788

Jason Taylor

Hypothalamic Neuropeptide Y Does Not Mediate Hypothalamic Obesity
12 Taylor and Bergen Hypothalamic proopiomelanocortin-ergic neurons as possible mediators of leptin action. 
10 R. Bruce Bolster, Ph.D. & Tania Conte.
Phone: 204 786-9338
"Effects of temporal lobectomy on processing of visual features"
33 Carlin, K., Jiang, Z., and Brownstone R.M. 
Tel: 3661
Calcium currents in functionally mature mouse spinal cord motoneurones
14 Cima Cina
Phone# 789-3274
Locomotor-labelled neurons are diffusely distributed in the neonatal rat lumbar spinal cord. 
8 Y.Dai, KE Jones, B Fedirchuk, S Krawitz, LM Jordan
Modeling the lowering of motoneuron voltage threshold during locomotion.
13 Suzanne DeHaney
Phone:787-2725 or 789-3515

Patricia Nance 
Phone: 787-4901 

A Comparison of Baclofen and Tizanidine on Analgesia and Motor Performance in the Rat
1 Del Bigio, Marc, Jim Peeling.
Pathol. & Pharmacol.
Models of hypertensive brain injury and intracerebral hemorrhage.
21 Fyda, DM, Vriend, J, and Jordan, LM
Spinal release of monoamines associated with brainstem-electrically-evoked locomotion in the in vitro neonatal rat.
17 Haughey, N.J., Holden, C.P., Nath, A., Geiger, J.D.
Phone: 789-3542 
HIV-1 Tat-Induced Release From IP3-Regulated Pools and Involvement of Phospholipase C in Tat-Induced Neurotoxicity.
27 Sandra Garraway Primary afferent synaptic responses are modified by serotonin and conditioning stimulation in DDH neurons.
23 Simon Gosgnach
Phone: 789-3770 
"Tonic presynaptic reduction of monosynaptic Ia EPSPs during fictive locomotion."
15 Hochman, S, Song, L, Sawchuk, M, Parsley, CP, MacDonald, SC, and Jordan, LM
'Monolayer' CNS slices for electrophysiology and imaging.
18 Holden, C.P., Nath, A., Haughey, N.J., Geiger, J.D.
Mechanism of HIV-1 gp120-Induced Increases of Intracellular Calcium in Cultured Human Fetal Brain Cells.
22 Krawitz, S, Fedirchuk, B, Dai, Y, Jordan, LM, and McCrea, DM
Locomotion hyperpolarizes the voltage threshold of cat lumbar motoneurones.
28 Kriellaars Dean
20 W Wayne Lautt, Hongsheng Xie and Dallas J Legare
Tel: 789-3391
Insulin sensitivity controlled by Hepatic Parasympathetic nerves
29 WEI (Fred) Li, EL Hertzberg, JI Nagy
Regulation of astrocytic connexions in brain slices
30 B.D. Lynn, G.L. Stelmack, E.A. Turley and J.I. Nagy
Tel: 789-3733/3579
Sequence, immunohistochemical, and biochemical identification of RHAMM in rat CNS and PNS
16 MacDonald, SC, Sawchuk, MA and Jordan, LM 
A subpopulation of cholinergic spinal cord neurons in Lamina VII possess L-type calcium channels
26 MacLean J, Schmidt BJ.  Role of NMDA receptor-mediated non-linear membrane properties in the production of motor rhythms in the neonatal rat spinal cord.
25 Dave McCrea
Phone: 789-3770 
Group I evoked extensor motoneurone activity is amplified by voltage-dependent depolarization during locomotion.
34 J.C. Meltzer*, B.J. MacNeil, V. Sanders, C.A.Y. Vriend, A.H. Jansen, A.H. Greenberg and D.M. Nance. (Anatomy, Pathology)

Effect of stress on in vivo splenicTNF-alpha and IL-1 beta mRNA levels. 
31 Nagy, JI
2 G. Ning, K.L. Malisza, P. Kozlowski, S. Bascaramurty,
M.R.Del Bigio and U. I. Tuor
Phone: 984-6561
NMR Imaging during and after Hypoxia/ischemia in Two- and
Four-Week-Old Rats"
24 Jorge Quevedo
Phone: 789-3770 
"Group I disynaptic excitation in flexor and bifunctional motoneurons during locomotion."
3 Shefchyk , S.J. 
Phone: 789-3736 
1) Excitability changes in hindlimb cutaneous afferents during micturition in the decerebrate cat. (R.R. Buss and S.J. Shefchyk)
4 Shefchyk 2) Urethral afferents associated with the sensory pudendal nerve of the cat: actions and modulation during micturition. (S.J.Shefchyk and R.R.Buss)
19 Shepel, P.N., Holden C.P. and Geiger, J.D.  Diadenosine Polyphosphates: Positive Modulators of Ryanodine Receptor Calcium Release Channels.
9 Szturm T & Brunham SL.
Phone: 787-4794
Examination Of Preparatory Postural Response of the Lower Limbs Accompanying Trunk Flexion Post Stroke. 
6 M.J. Wilson, J.A. Paterson, Barbara Iwasiow and R.P.C. Shiu

Marla Wilson, student

Depts of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, and Physiology.
Cochlear expression of a receptor for fibroblast growth factor in CD-1 mice at fetal and early postnatal ages.
7 H.Zhang and M.E. Vrontakis
Characterization of the 5'flanking region of the Galanin gene

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