1998 Brain Awareness Week

March 16 - 22

April 14, 1998


To:      Judy Hittman, Director of Communications and Marketing
           Society for Neuroscience
           11 Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 500

From:  Dr. Dean Kriellaars and Sandy Brunham
           Winnipeg Chapter, SFN
           (204) 787-2289; fax (204) 789-3927
           email: dean@scrc.umanitoba.ca

Dear Judy,

Our events are now completed at The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. We are pleased with our events.  This is only our 2nd year and we were considerably busier this year. We already have expansion ideas for next year. This year we were successful in securing external funding which made a big difference in the quality and style of our events. We were able to manufacture a banner (photo enclosed) to be used annually at BAW events. We also got the university's media relations department involved this year which really helped us in advertising and reaching out to the media.

The highlight of our events was an invited speaker and a poster display of local neuroscientists. The speaker gave the focus to the event and the poster displays really allowed for interested faculty, students and public to meet local scientists and discuss their work informally. This also allowed the scientists the opportunity to see what each other has been working on.. Many scientists commented on how nice it was to have an event that showcased local work, since they oft4en do not get to each other's presentations at national and international conferences.

New this year was the development of a web page of events and the start of on-line chats with local scientists. This is a CD that we are developing that allows viewers to see digital pictures of the scientist at work, explains the projects and allows for email correspondence. Next year, we plan to send this CD out to high schools so they can visit our labs, via CD, at their convenience.

We are enclosing the following materials that highlight our events:

We grant the Society for Neuroscience permission to reproduce these materials in the Final Report, on the SFN web page, and for other promotional purposes.

Now after two runs at doing BAW, we feel we have a good format for heightening awareness of brain research at our center. We plan to start even earlier for next year. By the way we loved the buttons. They were a big hit and we all wore them proudly at this year's event. We made good use of the 2 T-shirts. We presented them to graduate students attending the day's events.

Thank you for all your inspiring ideas, resources, and helpful reminders.

P.S. Dean will forward some digital pictures by email, as well as these included (SB)


Dean Kriellaars
Secretary, Winnipeg Chapter SFN

Sandy Brunham
Councilor, Winnipeg Chapter SFN

School of Medical Rehabilitation
University of Manitoba
T258-770 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3E 0W3

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This page was prepared by Dean Kriellaars and Nancy Eidsvig.