Winnipeg Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience

BAW 1999 Activities Report

by Dr. Dean Kriellaars, Chair, BAW 1999 Committee
March 17, 1999

  1. March 17, Wednesday
    BAW joint with "Taking It" program of the Sports Medicine Council of Manitoba.
    This program covered drugs and substances that effect the nervous system in sport.
    Presentation by Dr. Dean Kriellaars to Manitoba Physical Education Teachers Association and numerous high schools.

  2. March 17
    Winnipeg Free Press article on the clinical use of supplements in neuromuscular disease.
    (Dean Kriellaars)

  3. March 18, Thursday, noon, Winnipeg
    Live local coverage with MTN A Channel re general brain awareness issues.
    (Video produced)
    (Dean Kriellaars)

  4. March 18, Thursday, 3 pm, Winnipeg
    Women in Neuroscience, BAW and fMRI event at the Health Sciences Centre MRI Suite.
    All three components highlighted in fMRI demonstration by physicist, Dr. Patrick Stroman (National Research Council of Canada) with female high school students interested in science (from St. Mary's Academy). Neuroscientists on hand: Dr. Dean Kriellaars, School of Medical Rehabilitation, and Dr. Larry Jordan, Spinal Cord Research Centre, University of Manitoba.
    (Photos and press coverage)

  5. Manitoba Science and Technology Network will be highlighting commercialization of technology developed within the Neuroscience Program at the University of Manitoba and Health Sciences Centre in the near future. One technology transfer item - the isomap software developed in the Human Performance Laboratory at the UM School of Medical Rehabilitation (project leader: Dr. Dean Kriellaars) - was highlighted.
    (General photos)

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