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We receive a lot of e-mail from visitors to our site. Please help us to deal with your questions more efficiently, by following the advice given below for the nature of your enquiry.

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Clinical/Medical Enquiries

Please note: For legal and ethical reasons, we are unable to provide professional medical advice via electronic communication about the diagnosis, management, or prognosis of disease in specific individuals.

U.S. residents can consult the SCRC's list of American Organizations providing referral information on S.C.I. research and rehabilitation.

Canadians seeking treatment should forward their enquiries through their local health care providers.

Visitors are invited to browse through the SCRC's list of Spinal Cord Injury and other Disability Resources for answers to many common questions about S.C.I. and information on coping with disabilities. Questions about neurology, and treatment of other medical conditions, can also be submitted to the medical experts at

The Winnipeg Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience is a research group, not a treatment centre. While some of our members do conduct clinical research on spinal cord injured patients at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the WCSN is not itself involved in treatment of spinal cord injury. You may read more about the SCRC's completed and current clinical research projects in our Clinical Research pages.

Treatment for S.C.I. in Winnipeg is conducted by the HSC Rehabilitation Hospital's clinical SCI Unit. Manitoba patients seeking information on the SCI Unit's clinical research may contact the unit via Dr. Karen Ethans.

Membership Enquiries

For enquiries about membership in the Manitoba Neuroscience Network (and WCSN), please contact

Scientific Meeting/Conference Enquiries

For enquiries about 2016's upcoming 6th Scientific Meeting, please contact

Manitoba Neuroscience Network (MNN) Enquiries

For more details on the activities of the Manitoba Neuroscience Network, enquiries can be sent to

Research Enquiries

Before submitting questions on the research we conduct here, we ask you to browse through the web sites of our member groups, where you'll find links to pages describing our investigators' research. These research profiles will also list their recent publications, which you can look up at your nearest medical library for more in depth knowledge of their research. Many of these publications are now available on the web.

You can also search our web server for specific topics of interest by using the ht://Dig search engine on our site. As with most search engines, spelling matters, so if your queries don't turn up the results you're hoping for, and you're uncertain of the correct spelling of your keywords, you may want to look them up in a medical dictionary or English dictionary first.

For more details on the research of individual members, you may contact their department or group directly, or enquiries can be sent to

Donation Enquiries

If you would like to support neuroscience research in Manitoba, please contact the individual or group of interest. We ask you to browse through the web sites of our member groups, where you'll find links to member web sites. To support neuroscience research at the University of Manitoba, please contact:
Private Funding General Office
University of Manitoba
179 Continuing Education Complex
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-9195 (direct) or 800-330-8066 (toll-free)
Fax: 204-474-7635

Personnel Enquiries

If you're looking for the phone number, mailing address, or e-mail address of a member at the University of Manitoba, you can search for the person's name on UMinfo's People page. This page also features a selector for the search, to allow a search for students as well. For neuroscience researchers at other institutes, please look for a similar search tool on that institute's web site. We ask you to browse through the web sites of our member groups, where you'll find links to member web sites. Please try these search tools before contacting us to ask for someone's address.

Employment and Graduate Studies Enquiries

Prospective students may be interested in the graduate studies programs offered by the various university departments and research groups that are members of the WCSN. Please consult the web sites of our member groups, for more information.

If you are looking for information on departments at the University of Manitoba, please browse through their web pages which can be found on UMinfo's Faculties, Schools & Departments page.

WCSN members are not currently recruiting employees for support staff positions. When job openings become available here, we will post an announcement on the WCSN home page, the Position Vacancies page, or the News and Announcements page. Enquiries about employment opportunities should be sent to the specific group that is recruiting. If including a résumé, please send it as plain ASCII text, or as a MIME-encoded attachment of a WordPerfect or Microsoft Word document.

General/Administrative Enquiries

General enquiries about WCSN activities, or administrative enquiries (such as membership) can be sent to

Web Site Enquiries

Requests for additions, updates, corrections, suggested improvements, and other maintenance of this web site should be sent to the web site administrator, at This mail will go to Gilles Detillieux, Systems Analyst with the Spinal Cord Research Centre and Department of Physiology.